Homologous Superfamily

rRNA adenine dimethylase-like (IPR023165)

Short name: rRNA_Ade_diMease-like

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KsgA is a universally conserved rRNA adenine dimethyltransferase that catalyses the transfer of a total of four methyl groups from S-adenosyl-l-methionine (S-AdoMet) to two adjacent adenosine bases in 16S rRNA. This enzyme and the resulting modified adenosine bases appear to be conserved in all species of eubacteria, eukaryotes, and archaebacteria, and in eukaryotic organelles. The KsgA enzymes are homologous to another family of RNA methyltransferases, the Erm enzymes, which methylate a single adenosine base in 23S rRNA [PMID: 15136037].

This superfamily represents a rRNA adenine dimethylase-like domain present in these enzymes.

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