Rad21/Rec8-like protein, C-terminal (IPR023093)

Short name: Rad21/Rec8_C

Domain relationships


This domain represents a conserved C-terminal region found in eukaryotic cohesins of the Rad21, Rec8 and Scc1 families as well as in bacterial segregation and condensation proteins. Rad21/Rec8 like proteins mediate sister chromatid cohesion during mitosis and meiosis, as part of the cohesin complex [PMID: 11687503]. Cohesion is necessary for homologous recombination (including double-strand break repair) and correct chromatid segregation. These proteins may also be involved in chromosome condensation. Dissociation at the metaphase to anaphase transition causes loss of cohesion and chromatid segregation [PMID: 10207075].

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