TRM13/UPF0224 family, U11-48K-like CHHC zinc finger domain (IPR022776)

Short name: TRM13/UPF0224_CHHC_Znf_dom

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This zinc binding domain [PMID: 18703587] has four conserved zinc chelating residues in a CHHC pattern and is known as the CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger.

The CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger is found only in eukaryotes. It has been identified in spliceosomal U11-48K proteins, tRNA methyl-transferases TRM13 and gametocyte specific factors (GTSF). The CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger (~30 residues) is present in a single copy in U11-48k AND TRM13, whereas GTSF contains two repeats separated by a short linker. The CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger may function as a RNA recognition and binding module [PMID: 18703587, PMID: 19217400].

The CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger contains four invariant Cys and His residues with a consensus sequence of C-x(5,7)-H-x(7,9)-H-x(3,4)-C. It stochiometrically binds zinc ions in a one-to-one ratio. The structure of the CHHC U11-48K-type zinc finger consists of a beta hairpin followed by a helix. the zinc ion is coordinated by Cys and His residues from the beta hairpin and by His and Cys residues from the helix, respectively. The helical region has an alpha-helical conformation that is interrupted in the middle by a single pi-helical turn [PMID: 19217400].

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