Signal transducer and activation of transcription 2, C-terminal (IPR022756)

Short name: STAT2_C

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This region is found in the mammalian signal transducer and activation of transcription (STAT) 2 protein, and is approximately 60 amino acids in length. The family is found in association with PF02865, PF00017, PF01017, PF02864. There is a conserved DLP sequence motif. STATs are involved in transcriptional regulation and are the only regulators known to be modulated by tyrosine phosphorylation. STAT2 forms a trimeric complex with STAT1 and IRF-9 (Interferon Regulatory Factor 9), on activation of the cell by interferon, which is called ISGF3 (Interferon-stimulated gene factor 3). The C-terminal domain of STAT2 contains a nuclear export signal (NES) which allows export of STAT2 into the cytoplasm along with any complexed molecules.

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