Conserved Site

Myristoyl-CoA:protein N-myristoyltransferase, conserved site (IPR022678)

Short name: MyristoylCoA_TrFase_CS


Myristoyl-CoA:protein N-myristoyltransferase (EC: (Nmt) [PMID: 8322618] is the enzyme responsible for transferring a myristate group on the N-terminal glycine of a number of cellular eukaryotics and viral proteins. Nmt is a monomeric protein of about 50 to 60kDa whose sequence appears to be well conserved.

Two highly conserved regions are found. The first one is located in the central section, the second in the C-terminal part.

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0004379 glycylpeptide N-tetradecanoyltransferase activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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