Conserved Site

Small hydrophilic plant seed protein, conserved site (IPR022377)

Short name: Sm_Hydphi_plant_seed_CS


This entry represents a conserved site in hydrophilic plant seed proteins that are structurally related:

  • Arabidopsis thaliana proteins GEA1 and GEA6
  • Cotton late embryogenesis abundant (LEA) protein D-19
  • Carrot EMB-1 protein
  • Barley LEA proteins B19.1A, B19.1B, B19.3 and B19.4
  • Maize late embryogenesis abundant protein Emb564
  • Radish late seed maturation protein p8B6
  • Rice embryonic abundant protein Emp1
  • Sunflower 10 Kd late embryogenesis abundant protein (DS10)
  • Wheat Em proteins

These proteins may play a role in equipping the seed for survival, maintaining a minimal level of hydration in the dry organism and preventing the denaturation of cytoplasmic components [PMID: 12231998, PMID: 8492809]. They may also play a role during imbibition by controlling water uptake.

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