Ribosomal protein L12, archaea (IPR022295)

Short name: Ribosomal_L12_arc

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This entry represents the L12 protein of the large (50S) subunit of the archaeal ribosome.

Archaeal L12 is functionally equivalent to L7/L12 in bacteria and the P1 and P2 proteins in eukaryotes. L12 is homologous to P1 and P2 but is not homologous to bacterial L7/L12. It is located in the L12 stalk, with proteins L10, L11, and 23S rRNA. In several mesophilic and thermophilic archaeal species, the binding of 23S rRNA to protein L11 and to the L10/L12p pentameric complex was found to be temperature-dependent and cooperative [PMID: 17053098].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006414 translational elongation

Molecular Function

GO:0003735 structural constituent of ribosome

Cellular Component

GO:0005840 ribosome

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