SOCS4/SOCS5 domain (IPR022252)

Short name: SOCS4/SOCS5_dom

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Suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS) proteins play important roles in regulating a variety of signal transduction pathways that are involved in immunity, growth and development of organisms. They share a similar domain organisation, with a central SH2 domain and a conserved C-terminal SOCS box. In contrast, the N-terminal domains vary in length and amino acid sequence. In the case of SOCS4-7, the N-terminal domain accounts for a large proportion of the protein [PMID: 22423360].

This entry represents a conserved region in the N-terminal domains of SOCS4 and 5. This domain is approximately 60 amino acids in length. It is found in association with PF07525, PF00017.

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