TATA element modulatory factor 1, TATA binding (IPR022091)

Short name: TMF_TATA-bd

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This is the C-terminal conserved coiled coil region of a family of TATA element modulatory factor 1 proteins conserved in eukaryotes [PMID: 1409643]. The proteins bind to the TATA element of some RNA polymerase II promoters and repress their activity. by competing with the binding of TATA binding protein. TMF1_TATA_bd is the most conserved part of the TMFs [PMID: 15128430]. TMFs are evolutionarily conserved golgins that bind Rab6, a ubiquitous ras-like GTP-binding Golgi protein, and contribute to Golgi organisation in animal [PMID: 18182439] and plant cells. The Rab6-binding domain appears to be the same region as this C-terminal family [PMID: 18182439].

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