Symplekin C-terminal (IPR022075)

Short name: Symplekin_C

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This domain is found in symplekin. It is approximately 180 amino acids in length and contains a single completely conserved residue P that may be functionally important.

Symplekin has been localised, by light and electron microscopy, to the plaque associated with the cytoplasmic face of the tight junction-containing zone (zonula occludens) of polar epithelial cells and of Sertoli cells of testis. However, both the mRNA and the protein can also be detected in a wide range of cell types that do not form tight junctions. Further analyses have revealed that the protein occurs in all these diverse cells in the nucleoplasm, and only in those cells forming tight junctions is it recruited to the plaque structure of the zonula occludens [PMID: 8769423].

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