Chromatin assembly factor 1 subunit A (IPR022043)

Short name: CAF1A

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The CAF-1 or chromatin assembly factor-1 consists of three subunits, and this is the first, or A [PMID: 17065558]. The A domain is uniquely required for the progression of S phase in mouse cells [PMID: 19172751], independent of its ability to promote histone deposition [PMID: 17065558] but dependent on its ability to interact with HP1 - heterochromatin protein 1-rich heterochromatin domains next to centromeres that are crucial for chromosome segregation during mitosis. This HP1-CAF-1 interaction module functions as a built-in replication control for heterochromatin, which, like a control barrier, has an impact on S-phase progression in addition to DNA-based checkpoints [PMID: 19172751].

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