ARF GTPase-activating protein GIT1, C-terminal (IPR022018)

Short name: GIT1_C

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This entry represents the C-terminal domain of the ARF GTPase-activating protein GIT1. This domain is also found in the budding yeast Spa2 protein.

GIT1 is an ArfGAP and scaffolding protein regulating cell adhesion and migration [PMID: 24699139]. To perform this function, it localises p21-activated kinase (PAK) and PAK-interactive exchange factor to focal adhesions. Its activation is regulated by interaction between its paxillin-binding C-terminal and the LD motifs of paxillin. The C-terminal folds into a four helix bundle.

Budding yeast Spa2 is a component of the polarisome that functions in actin cytoskeletal organisation during polarized growth [PMID: 12361575]. Its paralogue, Sph1, is involved in shmoo formation and bipolar bud site selection [PMID: 9443897].

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