Cilia- and flagella-associated protein 206 (IPR021897)

Short name: FAP206

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Proteins in this entry are found in eukaryotes. There are two conserved sequence motifs: GFC and GLL. This family is also known as UPF0704, whose members include FAP206, a protein associated with cilia and flagella. In the ciliate Tetrahymena, the cilium has radial spokes, each of which is a macromolecular complex essential for motility. A triplet of three radial spokes, RS1, RS2, and RS3, is repeated every 96 nm along the doublet microtubule. Each spoke has a distinct base that docks to the doublet and is linked to different inner dynein arms. Knockout of the FAP206 gene results in slow cell motility and the 96-nm repeats lack RS2 and dynein c. FAP206 is probably part of the front prong and docks RS2 and dynein c to the microtubule [PMID: 25540426].

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