Symplekin/Pta1 (IPR021850)

Short name: Symplekin/Pta1

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Proteins in this entry include Symplekin from animals and Pta1 from budding yeasts.

Symplekin is a scaffold protein that functions as a component of a multimolecular complex involved in histone mRNA 3'-end processing [PMID: 18042462, PMID: 19450530].

Pta1 is involved in pre-tRNA processing. Pta1 is a subunit of the cleavage and polyadenylation factor (CPF), which plays a key role in polyadenylation-dependent pre-mRNA 3'-end formation and cooperates with cleavage factors including the CFIA complex and NAB4/CFIB [PMID: 12819204].

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