Vacuolar protein 14 C-terminal Fig4-binding domain (IPR021841)

Short name: VAC14_Fig4p-bd

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Vac14 is a scaffold for the Fab1 kinase complex, a complex that allows for the dynamic interconversion of PI3P and PI(3,5)P2p (phosphoinositide phosphate (PIP) lipids, that are generated transiently on the cytoplasmic face of selected intracellular membranes) [PMID: 19037259]. This interconversion is regulated by at least five proteins in yeast: the lipid kinase Fab1p, lipid phosphatase Fig4p, the Fab1p activator Vac7p, the Fab1p inhibitor Atg18p, and Vac14p, a protein required for the activity of both Fab1p and Fig4p. The full length Vac14 in yeasts is likely to be a protein carrying a succession of HEAT repeats, most of which have now degenerated. This regulatory system is crucial for the proper functioning of the mammalian nervous system [PMID: 17956977].

This entry represents the C-terminal domain of Vac14, which binds to Fig4p.

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