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Keratin-associated protein, type6/8/16/19/20 (IPR021743)

Short name: KRTAP_type6/8/16/19/20

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The major structural proteins of mammalian hair are the hair keratin intermediate filaments (KIFs) and the keratin-associated proteins (KRTAPs). In the hair cortex, hair keratins are embedded in an inter-filamentous matrix consisting of KRTAPs which are essential for the formation of a rigid and resistant hair shaft as a result of disulphide bonds between cysteine residues. There are essentially three groups of KRTAPs, viz: the high-sulphur (HS) and ultra-high-sulphur (UHS) KRTAPs (cysteine content: 16-30 and >30 mol%, respectively) and the high-glycine/tyrosine (HGT: 35-60 mol% glycine and tyrosine) KRTAPs.

Other groups of keratin-associated proteins include IPR020184 and IPR007951.

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