Mediator complex, subunit Med16 (IPR021665)

Short name: Mediator_Med16

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Mediator is a large complex of up to 33 proteins that is conserved from plants through fungi to humans - the number and representation of individual subunits varying with species [PMID: 15175151],[PMID: 15175163]. It is arranged into four different sections, a core, a head, a tail and a kinase-activity part, and the number of subunits within each of these is what varies with species. Overall, Mediator regulates the transcriptional activity of RNA polymerase II but it would appear that each of the four different sections has a slightly different function. Med16 is one of the subunits of the Tail portion of the Mediator complex and is required for lipopolysaccharide gene-expression [PMID: 15297616]. Several members including the human protein, Q9Y2X0, have one or more WD40 domains on them, PF00400.

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