Mig-6 domain (IPR021619)

Short name: Mig-6

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When the kinase domain of EGFR binds to segment one of Mitogen induced gene 6 (Mig-6), EGFR becomes inactive due to the conformation it adopts which is Src/CDK like. The binding of the two proteins prevents EGFR acting as a cyclin-like activator for other kinase domains [PMID: 18046415].The structure of Mig-6(1) consists of alpha helices-G and -H with a polar surface and hydrophobic residues for interactions with EGFR. A critical step for the activation of EGFR is the formation of an asymmetric dimer involving the kinase domains of the protein. Since Mig-6 binds to the kinase domain it blocks this process and EGFR becomes inactive [PMID: 18046415].

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