Mediator complex, subunit Med25, synapsin 1 (IPR021397)

Short name: Mediator_Med25_SD1

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The overall function of the full-length Med25 is efficiently to coordinate the transcriptional activation of RAR/RXR (retinoic acid receptor/retinoic X receptor) in higher eukaryotic cells. Human Med25 consists of several domains with different binding properties, the N-terminal, VWA, domain, this SD1 - synapsin 1 - domain from residues 229-381, a PTOV(B) or ACID domain from 395-545, an SD2 domain from residues 564-645 and a C-terminal NR box-containing domain (646-650) from 646-747. This The function of the SD domains is unclear [PMID: 17641689].

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