Putative auto-transporter adhesin, head GIN domain (IPR021255)

Short name: DUF2807

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Proteins containing this domain show structural similarity to other pectin lyase families. Although these proteins align with acetyl-transferases, there is no conservation of catalytic residues found. It is likely that the function is one of cell-adhesion. In PDB:3jx8, it is interesting to note that the sequence of contains several well defined sequence repeats, centred around GSG motifs defining the tight beta turn between the two sheets of the super-helix; there are 8 such repeats in the C-terminal half of the protein, which could be grouped into 4 repeats of two. It seems likely that proteins in this entry belongs to the superfamily of trimeric auto-transporter adhesins (TAAs), which are important virulence factors in Gram-negative pathogens [PMID: 14765110, PMID: 18688279]. In the case of Parabacteroides distasonis, which is a component of the normal distal human gut microbiota, TAA-like complexes probably modulate adherence to the host (information derived from TOPSAN).

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