Polysaccharide biosynthesis domain (IPR021148)

Short name: Polysacc_synth_dom

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships



This domain can be found in IRX15/IRX15L/IGXM from plants and in protein PBDC1 from animals and fungi.

IRX15/IRX15L and IGXM play a role in xylan biosynthesis in plant cell walls. However, they have different functions [PMID: 24576763]. The function of IRX15/IRX15L is not clear. GXM1/GXM2/GXM3 are methyltransferases catalysing 4-O-methylation of GlcA side chains on xylan [PMID: 23045523, PMID: 24576763].

The function of PBDC1 (polysaccharide biosynthesis domain-containing protein) is not clear.

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