Pyrimidine dimer DNA glycosylase, endonuclease V type (IPR021143)

Short name: Pyr-dimer_DNAGlyclase_EndonucV

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Pyrimidine dimer DNA glycosylases are enzymes responsible for initiating the base excision repair pathway, excising pyrimidine dimers by hydrolysis of the glycosylic bond of the 5' pyrimidine, followed by the intra-pyrimidine phosphodiester bond [PMID: 11148051]. One such enzyme is T4 endonuclease V, an enzyme responsible for the first step of a pyrimidine-dimer-specific excision-repair pathway [PMID: 2067549]. Bacteriophage T4 that are deficient in these enzymes are extremely sensitive to UV.

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