RNA ligase domain, REL/Rln2 (IPR021122)

Short name: RNA_ligase_dom_REL/Rnl2

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This entry represents the RNA ligase domain. RNA ligase enzyme repairs RNA strand breaks in nicked DNA:RNA and RNA:RNA but not in DNA:DNA duplexes [PMID: 17018278]. Members of this RNA ligase family include:

  • RNA editing ligase 1 (REL1) , which is essential for RNA editing and may be active in U-deletion editing [PMID: 15465048, PMID: 12748175, PMID: 14536071].
  • RNA editing ligase 2 (REL2), which may be active in U-insertion editing [PMID: 14536071].
  • RnlB RNA ligase 2 (or Rnl2), second RNA ligase of Enterobacteria phage T4 (Bacteriophage T4); unlike RNA ligase 1, RnlB prefers doule stranded substrates [PMID: 12228725, PMID: 18972386].

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