DNA replication/checkpoint protein (IPR021110)

Short name: DNA_rep_checkpnt_protein

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Genome duplication is precisely regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases CDKs, which bring about the onset of S phase by activating replication origins and then prevent relicensing of origins until mitosis is completed. The optimum sequence motif for CDK phosphorylation is S/T-P-K/R-K/R, and Drc1-Sld2 is found to have at least 11 potential phosphorylation sites. Drc1 is required for DNA synthesis and S-M replication checkpoint control. Drc1 associates with Cdc2 and is phosphorylated at the onset of S phase when Cdc2 is activated. Thus Cdc2 promotes DNA replication by phosphorylating Drc1 and regulating its association with Cut5 [PMID: 11937031]. Sld2 and Sld3 represent the minimal set of S-CDK substrates required for DNA replication [PMID: 17167415].

This entry also includes ATP-dependent DNA helicase Q4, which may be involved in chromosome segregation and has been associated with various diseases.

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