KfrA, N-terminal DNA-binding domain (IPR021104)

Short name: KfrA_DNA-bd_N

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The KfrA family of proteins are encoded on plasmids, generally in or near gene clusters involved in stable inheritance functions. These proteins are thought to form an all-helical structure, consisting of an N-terminal helix-turn-helix DNA binding domain and an extended coiled-coil tail. The best-characterised KfrA protein, encoded on the broad host-range Plasmid RK2, is a site-specific DNA-binding protein whose operator overlaps its own promoter. The DNA-binding domain is essential for function, while the coiled-coil domain is probably responsible for formation of multimers, and may provide an example of a bridge to host structures required for plasmid partitioning [PMID: 1602476].

This entry represents the N-terminal DNA-binding domain.

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