Protein male abnormal 21/21-like 2 (IPR020950)

Short name: Mab21/Mab21-l2

Family relationships



Mab-21 is a homeotic regulator found in eukaryotes. It appears to be involved in the determination of cell fate [PMID: 8582275]. The mab21 family contains 3 members named mab21-l1, mab21-l2 and mab21-l3 (mab21-like 1,2 and 3).

This entry represents mab-21 (male abnormal 21) from Caenorhabditis [PMID: 8582275] and mab21-like protein 2. Mab21-l2 is required for several aspects of embryonic development, including eye development [PMID: 11857508, PMID: 27558071, PMID: 25719200].

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