Extracellular matrix-binding protein ebh, GA module (IPR020840)

Short name: Extracell_matrix-bd_GA

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Protein G-related albumin-binding (GA) modules occur on the surface of numerous Gram-positive bacterial pathogens. Protein G of group C and G Streptococci interacts with the constant region of IgG and with human serum albumin. The GA module is composed of a left-handed three-helix bundle and is found in a range of bacterial cell surface proteins [PMID: 15269208, PMID: 9086265]. GA modules may promote bacterial growth and virulence in mammalian hosts by scavenging albumin-bound nutrients and camouflaging the bacteria. Variations in sequence give rise to differences in structure and function between GA modules in different proteins, which could alter pathogenesis and host specificity due to their varied affinities for different species of albumin [PMID: 16906768]. Proteins containing a GA module include PAB from Peptostreptococcus magnus [PMID: 7589548].

This entry represents the GA module from the extracellular matrix-binding protein ebhB.

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