Conserved Site

Hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein HypA/HybF, conserved site (IPR020538)

Short name: Hydgase_Ni_incorp_HypA/HybF_CS


Bacterial membrane-bound nickel-dependent hydrogenases requires a number of accessory proteins which are involved in their maturation. The exact role of these proteins is not yet clear, but some seem to be required for the incorporation of the nickel ions [PMID: 8305450]. One of these proteins is generally known as hypA. It is a protein of about 12 to 14 kDa that contains, in its C-terminal region, four conserved cysteines that form a zinc-finger like motif. Escherichia coli has two proteins that belong to this family, hypA and hybF. A homologue, MJ0214, has also been found in a number of archaeal species, including the genome of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii (Methanococcus jannaschii).

This entry represents a region from these proteins that contains two of the conserved cysteines.

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