Conserved Site

Hydrogenase nickel incorporation protein HypA/HybF, conserved site (IPR020538)

Short name: Hydgase_Ni_incorp_HypA/HybF_CS


Bacterial membrane-bound nickel-dependent hydrogenases require a number of accessory proteins which are involved in their maturation [PMID: 8305450]. One of these proteins is generally known as HypA. HypA is a metallochaperone that binds nickel to bring it safely to its target. The nickel coordinates with four nitrogens within the protein. Four conserved cysteines towards the C terminus bind one zinc moiety, probably to stabilise the protein fold [PMID: 19621959]. In Helicobacter pylori, HypA is involved in the maturation of both hydrogenase and urease [PMID: 11123699]. Escherichia coli has two proteins that belong to this family, HypA and HybF [PMID: 12081959]. A homologue, MJ0214, has also been found in a number of archaeal species, including the genome of Methanocaldococcus jannaschii (Methanococcus jannaschii).

This entry represents a region from these proteins that contains two of the conserved cysteines.

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