Chemokine-like protein, FAM19A2 (IPR020350)

Short name: Chemokine-like_FAM19A2

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This entry contains the protein FAM19A2 (also known as TAFA2); it is a secreted, 11 kDa member of the FAM19/TAFA family of chemokine-like proteins [PMID: 15028294], which are composed of five highly homologous genes that encode small secreted proteins. These proteins contain conserved cysteine residues at fixed positions, and are distantly related to MIP-1alpha, a member of the CC-chemokine family. The FAM19/TAFA proteins are predominantly expressed in specific regions of the brain, and are postulated to function as brain-specific chemokines or neurokines that act as regulators of immune and nervous cells [PMID: 15028294].

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