Viral CC chemokine-like protein FPV060 (IPR020343)

Short name: Chemokine_CC_FPV060

Family relationships



Members of this family found in Fowlpox virus are CC chemokine-like proteins. Fpv060 contains the conserved pattern of four cysteine residues similar to the CC chemokine family. Fpv060 also contains more cysteines in the mature protein than cellular chemokines, and one predicted trans-membrane region. In vitro studies show N-terminal glycosylation and show that Fpv060 from Fowl pox virus is much larger and has many more cysteine residues than host chemokines and viral homologues [PMID: 15931460].

Contributing signatures

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  • PD096294 (CC-type_chemokine_FPV060_put)