Bacteriophage T4, Gp16, DNA-packaging (IPR020342)

Short name: Phage_T4_Gp16_DNA-pack

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This entry represents the DNA-packaging protein Gp16 found in Enterobacteria phage T4 (Bacteriophage T4). Double-stranded DNA packaging in bacteriophages is driven by a molecular motor. The phage T4 motor is composed of the small terminase protein, Gpl6 (18kDa), the large terminase protein, Gp17 (70kDa), and the dodecameric portal protein Gp20 (61kDa). Gp16 is involved in the recognition of the viral DNA substrate, the very first step in the DNA packaging pathway, and stimulates the ATPase and packaging activities associated with Gp17 [PMID: 16513134]. Gp16 modulates the activity of Gp17 [PMID: 18627466] and is required to translocate phage T4 DNA into the head [PMID: 9013596].

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