Microcin V bacteriocin (IPR020280)

Short name: MccV

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Members of this family are bacterial microcin-V peptides MccV, also known as colicin V. MccV was the first antibiotic substance reported to be produced by E. coli. This antibacterial agent was initially named colicin V (ColV). However, on account of several characteristics (low molecular mass, non-inducible production, and dedicated export system), it became classified within the microcins. The structural gene cvaC encodes the 103-aa MccV precursor. The dedicated export system of MccV has been well characterized and involves two genes that form the second operon. The MccV protein has an N-terminal double glycine motif which precedes the cleavage site for the precursor protein [PMID: 17653356].

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