Uncharacterized protein YqaH (IPR020278)

Short name: YqaH

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The Bacillus subtilis YqaH protein is encoded within a cryptic phage-like region of the chromosome known as the skin element. It is part of the YqaF-YqaN operon, whose expression is negatively regulated by the skin repressor protein SknR. Overexpression of YqaH and YqaM is lethal to the cell, while overexpression of either YqaH and YqaM on their own leads to cell filamentation and abnormal chromosome segregation [PMID: 20889742, PMID: 12060778]. Yeast two-hydbrid studies suggest that these effects occur via the interaction of YqaH and YqaM with DNA replication proteins DnaA and DnaC, respectively.

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