Pore-forming protein, EbsA (IPR020215)

Short name: Pore-forming_protein_EbsA

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The pore-forming protein EbsA is one of three proteins (EbsA, EbsB, and EbsC) that affects the expression of a chromosomally encoded receptor, named binding substance (BS). In Enterococcus faecalis (Streptococcus faecalis), transfer of the conjugative plasmid pCF10 involves production of a plasmid-encoded aggregation substance in response to stimulation by a pheromone secreted by recipient cells [PMID: 8226689]. The aggregation substance then facilitates attachment to recipient cells via the BS receptor. Both ebsA and ebsB encode peptides likely to function in cell wall metabolism, where EbsA may assist in the localisation of EbsB to the cell wall. EbsC may encode a product that suppresses the function or expression of EbsB [PMID: 8226689].

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