Toxin coregulated pilus biosynthesis protein TcpS (IPR020213)

Short name: Toxin-coreg_pilus_synth_TcpS

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Toxin coregulated pilus biosynthesis protein S (TcpS) is part of an operon associated with biosynthesis of the toxin coregulated pilus (TCP) of Vibrio cholerae [PMID: 18462070]. TCP is essential for successful colonisation of the bacteria in the small intestine. The genes tcpR, tcpD, tcpS, tcpT, tcpE and tcpF are organised to permit translational coupling and are followed by an inverted repeat structure which is likely to act as a strong Rho-independent terminator [PMID: 8097178]. TcpS possesses an N-terminal signal sequence, suggesting that it is localised to the periplasm.

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  • PD091271 (Toxin-coreg_pilus_synth_TcpS)