Metastasis-suppressor KiSS-1 (IPR020207)

Short name: Metastasis-suppressor_KiSS-1

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Kisspeptin (KiSS-1) is a metastasis suppressor protein found in malignant melanomas and in some breast cancers [PMID: 18583061]. KiSS-1 may regulate events downstream of cell-matrix adhesion, which could involve cytoskeletal reorganisation. KiSS-1 generates a C-terminally amidated peptide, metastin, which functions as the endogenous ligand of the G-protein coupled receptor GPR54. Activation of the receptor inhibits cell proliferation and cell migration, key characteristics of tumour metastasis. Kp-10 is a decapeptide derived from the primary translation product, isolated in conditioned medium of first trimester trophoblast [PMID: 16288036, PMID: 17351756]. Kp-10, but not other kisspeptins, increased intracellular Ca2+ levels in isolated first trimester trophoblasts. Kp-10 is a paracrine/endocrine regulator in fine-tuning trophoblast invasion generated by the trophoblast itself. The receptor is also essential for normal gonadotropin-released hormone physiology and for puberty. The hypothalamic KiSS1/GPR54 system is a pivotal factor in central regulation of the gonadotropic axis at puberty and in adulthood [PMID: 15684075].

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  • PD088121 (Metastasis-suppressor_KiSS-1)