ESAT-6-like protein EsxC (IPR020167)

Short name: ESAT-6-like_EsxC

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Mycobacteria use various secretion pathways to allow protein transport across their impermeable cell envelope. One such pathway is termed T7S (also variously known as type VII-, ESAT-6- or ESX-secretion.) ESAT-6 stands for early secreted antigenic target 6 kDa protein; this was the first T7S-associated protein to be identified. ESAT-6 belongs to a family of small secreted proteins of approximately 100 amino acids, which share a helical structure and a characteristic hairpin bend. These proteins constitute the building blocks of the T7S system, and are named ESX proteins [PMID: 19876390].

This entry contains the ESAT-6-like protein EsxC.

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