Swinepox virus, C12 (IPR020111)

Short name: Swinepox_virus_C12

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This entry is represented by Swinepox virus, C12; it is a family of uncharacterised viral proteins. The signature associated with these proteins is C-terminal to an N-terminal PYRIN domain (IPR004020).

The PYRIN domain has been identified as a putative protein-protein interaction domain associated with the N-terminal region of several proteins thought to function in apoptotic and inflammatory signaling pathways. Using secondary structure prediction and potential-based fold recognition methods, the PYRIN domain is predicted to be a member of the six-helix bundle death domain-fold superfamily that includes death domains (DDs), death effector domains (DEDs), and caspase recruitment domains (CARDs). Members of the death domain-fold superfamily are well established mediators of protein-protein interactions found in many proteins involved in apoptosis and inflammation, indicating further that the PYRIN domains serve a similar function. Comparison of a circular dichroism spectrum of the PYRIN domain of CARD7/DEFCAP/NAC/NALP1 with spectra of several proteins known to adopt the death domain-fold provides experimental support for the structure prediction [PMID: 11514682].

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