Herpesvirus UL11 homologue, rhadinovirus-type (IPR020074)

Short name: UL11_homo_rhadinovirus

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This entry represents proteins from various Herpes viruses, which are encoded by gene 38 (also known as cytoplasmic envelopment protein 3 or CEP3). CEP3 is required for viral entry into the cell and for viral egress.

UL11 (also known as cytoplasmic envelopment protein 3) is conserved throughout the herpesvirus family. It is a membrane-associated tegument protein that is incorporated into the HSV virion. UL11 and UL51, either singly or in combination, are involved in virion envelopment and/or egress. Both proteins are fatty acylated. UL11 is both acylated by myristoic and palmitoic acids while UL51 is mono-acylated by palmitoic acid [PMID: 17694428]. UL11 may play a role in the virus budding process at the trans-Golgi network during nucleocapsid envelopment.

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