Conjugal transfer protein TrbK (IPR020065)

Short name: Conjugal_tfr_protein_TrbK

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Family relationships



Members of this family are encoded between the genes for TrbJ and TrbL of P-type plasmid conjugal transfer systems, and therefore are TrbK, a member of a guild of unrelated TrbK protein families. The similarly located TrbK of plasmid RP4 functions in entry exclusion, and the current family may as well, despite lacking any detectable homology. Members of this family include TrbK of the Ti plasmid from Agrobacterium, shown not to be required for transfer, which would be consistent with a role in entry exclusion rather than transfer itself. An entry exclusion function for TrbK of the Ti plasmid has been suggested [PMID: 10438776]. This small protein shares close C-terminal sequence homology to the much longer protein encoded by the neighbouring gene TrbJ.

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