Ribosomal protein L25, beta domain (IPR020057)

Short name: Ribosomal_L25_b-dom

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The bacterial ribosomal protein L25 is bound to 5S rRNA along with L5 and L18, forming a separate domain of the ribosome [PMID: 10696113]. The solution structure of protein L25 uncomplexed with RNA shows two significantly disordered loops and a closed beta-barrel domain with a complex topology that has significant structural similarities to the N-terminal domain of the Thermus thermophilus ribosomal protein TL5, to the general stress protein CTC, and to the C-terminal anticodon-binding domain of Escherichia coli glutaminyl-tRNA synthetase (GlnRS) [PMID: 11418764, PMID: 12737824]. GlnRS contains a duplication consisting of two L25-like beta-barrels domains with the swapping of N-terminal strands.

This entry represents a domain with a mainly beta-strand structure found in ribosomal L25-like proteins.

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