Flagellar hook-basal body protein, FlgE/F/G (IPR020013)

Short name: Flagellar_FlgE/F/G

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships


This entry represents three closely related flagellar proteins usually denoted FlgE, FlgF and FlgG. The names have often been mis-assigned, however. Three models, IPR012835, IPR012836 and IPR012834, separate the individual forms into three genome-context consistent groups. The major differences between these genes are architectural, with variable central sections between relatively conserved N- and C-terminal domains. More distantly related are two other flagellar apparatus familis, FlgC (IPR006299) which consists of little else but the N- and C-terminal domains and FlgK (IPR002371) with a substantial but different central domain.

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