Mutatrotase, YjhT-like (IPR019936)

Short name: Mutatrotase_YjhT-like

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Members of this protein family contain copies of the beta-propeller-forming Kelch repeat. All are full-length homologues to YjhT of Escherichia coli, which has been identified as a mutarotase for sialic acid. This protein improves bacterial ability to obtain host sialic acid, and thus serves as a virulence factor. Some bacteria carry what appears to be a cyclically permuted homologue of this protein.

Members of this entry converts alpha-N-acetylneuranimic acid (Neu5Ac) to thebeta-anomer, accelerating the equilibrium between the alpha- and beta-anomers. Probably facilitates sialidase-negative bacteria to compete sucessfully for limited amounts of extracellular Neu5Ac,which is likely taken up in the beta-anomer. In addition, the rapid removal of sialic acid from solution might be advantageousto the bacterium to damp down host responses.

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