Conserved Site

RidA, conserved site (IPR019897)

Short name: RidA_CS


This entry represents a conserved site found towards the C-terminal of the YjgF family members. YjgF contains the enamine/imine deaminase activity and can accelerate the release of ammonia from reactive enamine/imine intermediates of the pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent threonine dehydratase (IlvA). Therefore, YjgF is also known as RidA (reactive intermediate/imine deaminase A) [PMID: 22094463]. The RidA family members are widely distributed in eubacteria, archaea and eukaryotes. Although they share protein sequences and structures similarity, they may have different functions.

In this C-terminal domain, the highly conserved Arg107 of human hp14.5 (also known as ribonuclease UK114) forms salt bridges with the carboxylate oxygens of benzoate [PMID: 14997576], while the corresponding Arg105 of Escherichia coli TdcF forms hydrogen bonds with the carboxylate oxygens of serine, threonine, and 2-oxobutanoate [PMID: 17506874]. The conserved Tyr17 and Glu120 residues of E. coli TdcF have been suggested to play a role in substrate binding and positioning of a water molecule used for imine hydrolysis [PMID: 22094463].

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