Gliding motility-associated protein GldE (IPR019862)

Short name: Motility-assoc_prot_GldE

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Members of this protein family are exclusive to the Bacteroidetes phylum (previously Cytophaga-Flavobacteria-Bacteroides). GldC is a protein linked to a type of rapid surface gliding motility found in certain Bacteroidetes, such as Cytophaga johnsonae (Flavobacterium johnsoniae) and Cytophaga hutchinsonii. GldE was discovered because of its adjacency to GldD in C. johnsonae. Over expression of GldE partially suppresses the effects of a GldB point mutant suggesting that GldB and GldE interact [PMID: 11418556]. Gliding motility appears closely linked to chitin utilization in the model species C. johnsonae. Not all Bacteroidetes with members of this protein family appear to have all of the genes associated with gliding motility and in fact some do not appear to have the gliding phenotype.

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