Conserved Site

Large-conductance mechanosensitive channel, conserved site (IPR019823)

Short name: Mechanosensitive_channel_CS


Mechanosensitive ion channels (MscL) play a critical role in transducing physical stresses at the cell membrane into an electrochemical response. MscL is a protein which forms a channel organised as a homopentamer, with each subunit containing two transmembrane regions [PMID: 9856938]. Prokaryotes harbor a large-conductance mechanosensitive channel (gene mscL) that opens in response to stretch forces in the membrane lipid bilayer and may participate in the regulation of osmotic pressure changes within the cell [PMID: 9632260].

The signature pattern of this entry is a conserved region located in the N-terminal region. It starts three residues before the beginning of the first transmembrane domain and ends in the middle of that domain.

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