Conserved Site

Sec-independent periplasmic protein translocase, conserved site (IPR019820)

Short name: Sec-indep_translocase_CS


Proteins encoded by the mttABC operon (formerly yigTUW), mediate a novel Sec-independent membrane targeting and translocation system in Escherichia coli that interacts with cofactor-containing redox proteins having a S/TRRXFLK "twin arginine" leader motif. This family contains the E. coli mttB gene (TATC) [PMID: 9546395].

A functional Tat system or Delta pH-dependent pathway requires three integral membrane proteins: TatA/Tha4, TatB/Hcf106 and TatC/cpTatC. The TatC protein is essential for the function of both pathways. It might be involved in twin-arginine signal peptide recognition, protein translocation and proton translocation. Sequence analysis predicts that TatC contains six transmembrane helices (TMHs), and experimental data confirmed that N and C termini of TatC or cpTatC are exposed to the cytoplasmic or stromal face of the membrane. The cytoplasmic N terminus and the first cytoplasmic loop region of the E. coli TatC protein are essential for protein export. At least two TatC molecules co-exist within each Tat translocon [PMID: 9649434, PMID: 12163163].

This entry represents a conserved site from the central section of these proteins.

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