Conserved Site

Hydrogenase assembly chaperone, conserved site (IPR019812)

Short name: Hydgase_assmbl_chp_CS


The large subunit of [NiFe]-hydrogenase, as well as other nickel metalloenzymes, is synthesised as a precursor devoid of the metalloenzyme active site. This precursor then undergoes a complex post-translational maturation process that requires a number of accessory proteins. The hydrogenase expression/formation proteins (HupF/HypC) form a family of small proteins that are hydrogenase precursor-specific chaperones required for this maturation process [PMID: 8497190]. They are believed to keep the hydrogenase precursor in a conformation accessible for metal incorporation [PMID: 9485446, PMID: 10783387].

The signature pattern for this entry is 9 residues in length, located at the N terminus; all the proteins matched by this pattern start with a conserved Met-Cys dipeptide.

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