Band 4.1 family (IPR019750)

Short name: Band_41_fam

Family relationships


A number of cytoskeletal-associated proteins that associate with various proteins at the interface between the plasma membrane and the cytoskeleton contain a conserved N-terminal domain of about 150 residues [PMID: 2120593, PMID: 1955455, PMID: 7983158]. Proteins that contain such a domain include: band 4.1, which links the spectrin-actin erythrocyte cytoskeleton to the plasma membrane; ezrin, a component of the undercoat of the microvilli plasma membrane; moesin, which is thought to be involved in binding major cytoskeletal structures to the plasma membrane; radixin, which appears to play a crucial role in binding the barbed end of actin filaments to the plasma membrane in the undercoat of the cell-to-cell adherens junction; talin, which binds to vinculin and with lesser affinity to integrins; filopodin, a slime mold protein that binds actin and is involved in the control of cell motility and chemotaxis; merlin, defects in which cause type 2 neurofibromatosis; protein NBL4; protein tyrosine phosphatases PTPN3, PTPN4, PTPN14, PTP-D1, PTP-RL10 and PTP2E; and C.elegans protein phosphatase ptp-1.

Ezrin, moesin and radixin are closely related, but other proteins containing the domain share no other regions of similarity. In band 4.1, the domain plays a role in interactions with glycophorin, an integral membrane protein.

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