Histidine-rich calcium-binding (IPR019552)

Short name: Hist_rich_Ca-bd


This entry represents a histidine-rich calcium-binding repeat which appears in proteins called histidine-rich-calcium binding proteins (HRC). HRC is a high capacity, low affinity Ca2+-binding protein, residing in the lumen of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. HRC binds directly to triadin. This binding interaction occurs between the histidine-rich region of HRC and multiple clusters of charged amino acids, named KEKE motifs, in the lumenal domain of triadin. This repeat is found in the acidic region of the protein, which can be long and variable. There is also a cysteine-rich region further towards the C terminus [PMID: 15777620]. HRC may regulate sarcoplasmic reticular calcium transport, play a critical role in maintaining calcium homeostasis, and function in the heart. HRC is a candidate regulator of sarcoplasmic reticular calcium uptake.

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